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Anker Beer
Product Decription :
A deep golden pilsner with creamy foaming head, full bodied, strong flavor and delicious well balanced bitter taste.

5 % ABV

Market : Indonesia

Anker Stout
Product Description:
ANKER STOUT is the International quality Stout that has the deep dark color, full bodied, very rich in flavor, well balanced bitter and hoppy taste, has good aroma with creamy foaming head.

5% ABV

Market: Indonesia

Kuda Putih
Product Description:
Kuda Putih is PT. Delta lead brand for pilsner market in economy beer brand in Indonesia. It is also the first and only economy beer brand in Indonesia.

5 % ABV

Market : Indonesia

Carlsberg Beer
History About Carlsberg : Carlsberg has presence in 140 countries around the world, and everywhere people recognize and appreciate our brands as ?probably the best beer in the world' as a result of Carlsberg beers refreshing taste and very high quality.

It all started back in 1847 when Carlsberg was founded by the visionary brewer J.C Jacobsen. His new brewery, just outside the city ramparts of Copenhagen, Denmark, pioneered steam brewing, refrigeration techniques and greatest of all, the propagation of a single yeast strain. J.C Jacobsen demanded quality above all else and his innovation in the art of making beer laid the cornerstone of the modern brewing industry.

In Indonesia Carlsberg brewed since1982 though license with PT Delta Djakarta and position in the market as the premium beer

Soda Ice
Soda Ice is the lead brand of PT Delta Djakarta for carbonated soft drink brand in Indonesia, Soda Ice is the first malt carbonated flavored drink fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Sodaku is the lead brand of PT Delta Djakarta for carbonated water in Indonesia, made from fresh and natural of CO2 that can be us

San Miguel Beer
San Miguel Pale Pilsen, a pilsner popularly called San Miguel Beer, is the Company's flagship brand and the Philippines' leading brew. It is one of the world's largest selling beers. Rich, with a full-bodied flavor, its smooth, moderate bitterness is complemented by a pleasant, happy aroma, which makes San Miguel Beer a perfectly- balanced beer. Made from imported barley malt, as well as German and American hops, it is exported to over 40 countries worldwide.

San Miguel Beer, also known as ?SMB? has generated a cult following among beer aficionados the world over. It has won awards for product excellence in international beer festivals in Brussels, London, Paris, Spain, and citations from prestigious beer books and journals. The Great American Beer Book calls San Miguel Beer ?one of the world's best beers?. The citations and acclaim from numerous beer competitions around the world continue to this day, including gold medals from the prestigious Monde Selection of Paris.

San Mig Light
San Mig Light is the Philippines? first and leading low-calorie beer. It has a refreshing, full-flavored taste and is the beer-of-choice of active adventure-seekers.

In Indonesia San Mig Light was launched in September 2005 and introduce to the market as the first low calorie and less filling beer with same content alcohol 5% .

San Mig Light SKUs 330 mL bottle

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