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Carlsberg Beer

History About Carlsberg : Carlsberg has presence in 140 countries around the world, and everywhere people recognize and appreciate our brands as ?probably the best beer in the world' as a result of Carlsberg beers refreshing taste and very high quality.

It all started back in 1847 when Carlsberg was founded by the visionary brewer J.C Jacobsen. His new brewery, just outside the city ramparts of Copenhagen, Denmark, pioneered steam brewing, refrigeration techniques and greatest of all, the propagation of a single yeast strain. J.C Jacobsen demanded quality above all else and his innovation in the art of making beer laid the cornerstone of the modern brewing industry.

In Indonesia Carlsberg brewed since1982 though license with PT Delta Djakarta and position in the market as the premium beer

Packaging-Size :
? Big bottle 620 ml
? Small bottle 330 ml
? Can 330 ml
? Vat Barrel 30 Liter
Positioning :
Carlsberg as premium beer with the best quality in Indonesia with the slogan ?PROBABLY THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD?
Target Market :
? A guy in his mid 20's to early 30's.
? Enjoying the vibrant lifestage of post university but pre-family.
? Seek the best the world has to offer.
? Enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. ? Are open-minde
Market :
Carlsberg available in On premise & Off Premise in all big cities in Indonesia.
Taste profile
Carlsberg is a well-balanced lager beer with a scent of hop, malt, and and Danish summer apples.The taste is full-bodied with a
Activity :
? Sponsorship activity International Football.
? ?Carlsberg FEVER? as sponsorship music activity in big city in Indonesia.

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