Members of the Board of Commissioners as of August 26, 2020

Reynato S. Puno
Independent Commissioner

A Filipino citizen, age 79, Reynato S. Puno completed his Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of the Philippines in 1962. He obtained a Master of Laws degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1968 and a Master of Comparative Law degree from the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas in 1967. He joined the Supreme Court of the Philippines in June 1993, and was appointed as Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court, serving from December 2006 until his retirement in May 2010. He also previously served in the Philippine judiciary as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals and Appellate Justice of the Intermediate Appellate Court. Mr. Puno is an Independent Director of San Miguel Corporation and Union Bank of the Philippines, both publicly listed companies in the Philippines. He is also currently serving as an Independent Non-Executive Director of San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Limited (a publicly listed company in Hong Kong). He was appointed as an Independent Commissioner of the Company in May 2013.