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Corporate Social Responsibility

In fulfilling its duty to the community as a good corporate citizen, PT Delta engages in frequent conferences with local community people and local government leaders, deciding the most effective and sustainable way assistance can be offered. The objective is to support the activities of public enterprises / local government by engaging in a wider community framework of activity, through proposals submitted to the Company.

Throughout 2013, a series of activities were discussed, planned and executed in close cooperation with key community figures. These included youth activities, community, religious and patriotic celebrations, road repair, construction of school infrastructure, renovation of places of worship and offices, and direct assistance to impoverished inhabitants.A quarterly blood donor drive was coordinated by employees, in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross to donate blood to institutions in Bekasi. 

Communicating and coordinating with the Community Health Center, or Posyandu, to protect and promoting infant health was the target of CSR activities in neighborhoods located around the Company. Enriched infant formula was also distributed to mothers. On January 2013 Greater Jakarta was hit by severe flooding, and the Company proffered assistance to victims of the flood, particularly those related to staff and employees. Appropriate tools and implements, along with household cleaners used to repair flood damage, were distributed.

Near Kp. Legon Jatimulya and Setiadarma, Bekasi, footbridges across canals and streams were washed away by flooding. The Company helped re-construct these bridges, which served residents in their daily activities. Renovation was carried out in March 2013. During the same month, PT Delta sponsored crews tasked with clearing waterways, sewers and canals of garbage and sludge, which exacerbate the effect of seasonal floods. A budgetary item was apportioned for regular social activities in communities near our operations, including Setiadarma, Jatimulya and Lambangsari Bekasi, on a monthly basis. 

From July 1 to 3, 2013, a Community Health Drive was run in Setiadarma, Legon Jatimulya and Lambangsari Bekasi. Free medical examinations and diagnoses were followed by a complementary distribution of medications to local people.

For the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan, the Company sponsored a fast-breaking ceremony during Eid and Iftar, as employees celebrated with surrounding community members. In addition, the Company distributed presents to orphans and underprivileged locals. 

During Idul Adha the Company furnished cows for ritual animal sacrifices, as part of the Muslim celebrations. As with other activities this took place in Setiadarma, Jatimulya and Lambangsari Bekasi. A Christmas celebration was held at an orphanage, with gifts for the children.