- Summary of Minutes of AGMS 2020 Download
- Invitation for The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT. Delta Djakarta Tbk Download
- Procedural Rules Of The Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders of PT Delta Djakarta Tbk ("Company") Download
- Conventional Proxy Download
- Candidat for Independent Commissioner - Mr Dr. Roy Pakpahan, SH. MSi Download
- Register and Login as Shareholder Download
- Operations for Shareholder Download
- Procedure and Schedule of Dividen 2020 Download
- Result of Public Expose Download
- Material of Public Expose Download
- AGM Announcement on 26 August 2020 Download
- Notification of AGM Postponed Download
- AGM Announcement Download
- AGM Call Advertisements Download
- AGM Announcement Advertisements Download
- Announcement Letter of AGM Call Advertisements Download
- Procedure and Distribution of Dividendss Download
- General Meeting of Shareholders Download
- Results of public expose year 2019
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